Friday, November 15, 2013

Please Pray for the Philippines

For two years now our family has sponsored a child through Compassion International in the Philippines.
The experience has been uplifting for our family as we think about and pray for little 5 year old Aira and her family. We are encouraged by the letters we receive with sweet drawings and copied bible verses. I'm sure as our kids get a little older they will feel even more involved by writing their own letters to send.

 The Super Typhoon Haiyan that swept through the Philippines left significant destruction. In a country that was already vulnerable to disease and poverty, this storm has claimed many lives and threatens to claim many more as families struggle to find food, shelter and safety.

As of right now, Compassion is still trying to assess the situation since communication is down in many areas. We still don't know about little Aira and her family or the region where she lives, although by what I've looked at in the news, it seems the storm passed close to their region.

Compassion is urgently requesting prayer on behalf of all those affected in the Philippines. Also if you are able to donate anything to the relief efforts there, they have set up this page for donations.

Help Children Affected by Philippines Typhoon