Thursday, October 10, 2013

The one where I make all the chaos sound ok

I didn't invent the concept of turning around my complaints and frustrations to see the blessings for which I should be grateful. I'm going to do a post about it anyway because I agree with those who say that gratitude and thankfulness are good medicine. Really good medicine.

Our bathtub is somehow causing a leak in our kitchen ceiling... again.
Thankfully we still haven't patched the original hole in the kitchen ceiling from the last time it did that, 3 years ago.

We still haven't patched that hole in the kitchen ceiling from 3 years ago.
Thankfully we didn't spend any money on fancy ceiling tiles or anything since it is leaking again.

Until we get a proper electrician in to add an outlet or two in our hallway upstairs, we won't be able to run the space heater that keeps us from freezing our toes off at night.
Thankfully we'll have an excuse to cuddle together under blankets and read stories more often.

I just never seem to have enough time to sew or do some of the other projects that I enjoy.
Thankfully I know how to sew, own a machine, have a dedicated space for it and do occasionally get to spend time with it. Thankfully I'm not responsible for sewing all our family's clothing myself. 

I'm so tired from being busy during the day and then losing sleep to a teething, nursing infant. I don't remember what a full night's sleep feels like.
Thankfully my sleep habits won't be too shocked if I were to have another baby, or if a friend called and needed help in the middle of the night, or if sickness kept me up with another child.

I probably don't need to mention how the laundry piles should remind me of how blessed we are to have ample clothing for every season and size and sometimes style that we want or need. Or how the stacks of dishes speak to how well fed my family is.

I struggle with the comparison game. Discontentment is such a heavy weight. It drags my thoughts from thankfulness back into bitterness, envy and self-pity. I'm too sleep deprived at the moment to go much further with the point of how our human side makes us want to fit in and be "normal" so we strive to keep an appearance, at least, of having our ducks in a row. But then we keep trying to tell ourselves that our spiritual priorities are all that really matter, while simultaneously pinning 3-4 home improvement ideas that seldom come to fruition.

Ultimately, when I feel discontentment tugging me down that spiral of "my-house-is-going-to-be-declared-unfit-and-donated-to-the-zoo-for-storing-animal-feed" I NEED to start listing what I'm thankful for.


  1. I think that that is a pretty good list of "thankfullys". Keep up the brilliant work! :-D

    1. I feel like "brilliant" is an overstatement, but thank you! :)

  2. I missed this one too?! Don't know why I'm not seeing them on fb. Anyway, after reading this I know you totally got my post today. It really is all a matter of keeping things in perspective. It's so easy to start feeling pity for yourself or complain about a situation, but then it's like, uh...hello, you really don't have it that bad.

  3. haha! just saw your little play on words! That cracked me up. You're too much! :D I wish I had just an ounce of your wit!

    1. Really, you're too kind! This post was some serious "self preaching" if that makes any sense. I seem to need a lot of reminders.


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