Monday, September 16, 2013

Cleaning House

Friends- I've had it with clutter!!

How many times do we say that as we look around a room in our homes and just wonder what exactly IS all this stuff and WHERE did it come from?

I read an interesting article shared by The Common Room blog and Smockity about reading in public schools, which reminded me of how badly I need to go through our children's books and remove the "twaddle." I run into trouble with these kinds of tasks because I get so sentimental about everything I'm trying to get rid of! Does this happen to you too? Please tell me it does!

I didn't do too badly when I cleaned up my sewing and craft area, but I'm not as sentimental about craft supplies as I am about children's toys, books, clothing, etc.

The best advice for tidying and going through things in your home is to "touch it once." If you pick something up, put it down where it belongs instead of moving things around to various midway locations where they are likely to remain until the next time you decide to clean up. At the time of this writing, I think most flat surfaces in my home are currently midway locations of one sort or another. In my attempts to only touch an item once, I end up holding it with my other hand holding my chin as I gaze back and forth at the item and into space- trying to detach myself from any and every emotion I've ever associated with said item. If you haven't already guessed, this means that when I attempt to tidy up a room it takes a long time.

I've seen some helpful things on this subject such as valuing the memories made over the physical items, taking photos of some of the plentiful works of art made by your children and keeping the digital formats instead of all the piles of marker-soaked paper, etc.

I'd sure love to hear any tips that you have for me! I think we are going to set aside a day this week where the children will be with a grandparent so we can attack this clutter. How do you force yourself to be less attached or sentimental about things so that you can clear some physical (and mental) space in your homes?