Friday, July 26, 2013

So many happenings, so little time

We've had a couple whirlwind weeks lately. As a new(ish) blogger, I listen to advice about blogging and writing and time management, etc. People say that you should only post when you have something to say, not simply for the sake of posting. I have plenty to say (as most who know me can testify) but lately I have not had time to do my thoughts justice in the form of a written post.

People also say that you should spend plenty of time actually living your life (obviously) so you have something, if anything, to write about. So I'm going to call what I've been doing lately "research" and I'm going to look into writing off a large portion of my grocery bills and living expenses as "research expenses" since life sort of is one big research project. I'll let you know how that turns out ;)

He's looking for my next post idea...

All this to say: I'm still here and I'll be writing some more soon. The weather has been just perfect this week and I'd hate to post something so epic and thought provoking that you all were glued to your computers hanging on every word. HA!

Olive on! and God bless.


  1. Writing off the grocery bill. Now how come I never thought of that??

  2. This made me laugh!! You've got it right, friend!!


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