Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better late than never!

On Friday I committed to clearing off and organizing my sewing/working desk by Monday. I shared the photos in this post to give myself some accountability.

A quick look at the "before" picture:
My productivity has been... hindered, to say the least.
I did work on it over the weekend, but we also had some work needed in our basement after all the rain and so I wasn't finished by Monday.

Today I am happy to report that my work space has been fully organized, cleaned, cleared and optimized! That sounds impressive, right?
I was able to toss out two garbage bags of clutter, one large bag of donations and consolidate a tub of items to sell at a garage sale or something.

This giant work space system is in our dining room, by the way. The photo you see above was taken from the chair in front of our computer table. Our small round dining room table with three chairs (one is broken for good) is just to the right in the center of the room. Our lovely 12x12 dining room also houses a play kitchen for the littles, a pack n play and a dresser in the other corner for more storage. Did I mention our house is 100 years old and lacks closets, plentiful outlets and wide open spaces? We use every inch!

So.... finally! For your viewing pleasure, I present to you my finished work space!

A little dark since I finished at night. Ain't it grand?
The dresser in the corner during my cleaning work.
The dresser/changing station after 

 Please don't judge our filthy baseboards! One thing at a time, folks!

The white basket holds my 'works in progress.' I've got some work to catch up on!
A portable 'art caddy' low enough for the children to grab and take to the table.
 As I sit here typing this post, I can glance over at a job well done and be excited about how much easier it will be to keep up with my growing pile of projects. I truly do enjoy learning new skills relating to sewing, knitting, crochet, painting, needlepoint, etc. I love getting the kids interested in making things and being creative. When my work area is in such disarray, I am more likely to procrastinate a needed or wanted creative task and that is not a habit I want to pass onto our children. I'm hoping my newly organized desk will allow to be a "yes mom" when my littles want to try out an art project of their own. "Yes, I know where the paints are. Yes, you can use the cat stickers. Yes, I have a photo of Daddy and I know just where to find it." :)


  1. Yay! Something about an organized space makes me want to do something to mess it up. :-)

    1. I'll be telling myself the same thing I keep telling the kids: "When you're done, put it back where it belongs." Even a 60% success rate will be better than it has been. :)

  2. The bottom line...."It's Done"

    I love those shelves. I need more space to get "that" organized. Thanks for sharing. Also following twitter and facebook.

    1. A few days have passed and it is still in order! My husband bought me the shelving system from IKEA for my birthday a couple years back. It's great because before I had to haul the machine onto the dining room table and get it all put away before dinnertime! :)

  3. I gotta say, your "before" wasn't too shabby at all! lol! I won't mind your baseboard if you don't mind my chair rails! :)

    1. Haha! If you could have seen inside all those bins in the before picture, you'd understand. :) And I won't say a thing about your chair rails.


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