Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Visit to the Creation Museum

 Earlier this week our family had an opportunity to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We live fairly close, but had yet to experience it. The first thing I realized while pulling into the parking lot was that we were about to spend a day in a place where probably most of the people we came into contact with were Christians, or at least interested enough in the subject of Creation to visit the museum. I was encouraged by all the license plates as we walked toward the entrance. On a Tuesday morning there were visitors from New York, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, Texas and probably a few more that I didn't see. This place is popular and lots of people come to see it!

 The front entrance area was decorated with a lot of dragon themed items. I guess they have a new exhibit in the works that explains about all the legends we read of dragons. I'm excited to go back to see that.
 In the line before entering the main exhibit there were several glass cases with various creatures to study.

 The beginning of the tour tells us what the difference is between what much of modern science teaches about the origins of life and what God's word teaches, and shows how the facts can and do support what God's word teaches. I like this above illustration of the "kinds" of animals producing a lot of diversity within their own kinds.
 I love anything that shows us just how reliable the Bible is! This is a point that a lot of people stumble over and I really want to have facts at the ready to help assure people that they can trust the Bible.
This picture might be hard to see, but this part of the tour was illustrating what has happened in the world as a result of people moving away from the truth of God's word and relying on their own worldly wisdom (or lack thereof.)
The whole point of the museum is supposed to cause us to realize that it matters what we believe about Creation and about the Bible because it influences our faith and it hurts the world when there are fewer faithful Christians living in it. The doubts about our origins have made a dent in our faith and allowed a place for sin and doubt to creep in. These headlines and magazine covers were taken from real magazines, and recently too. I think they must keep these walls updated with the latest sad and scary news so that when people visit, they can think about the cumulative message of all of it.
After walking through a cool, starlit tunnel we arrived in this room. Here is where I would have loved to see more detailed exhibits about bio genesis, molecular biology models or interactive displays, anything with DNA and cellular models. I am a bit of a biology nerd, and I think those areas of study had such a huge impact on me as far as being so clearly designed by a Master Designer. This room had lots of very informative videos and posters that touched on these subjects, if you had time to take them all in. 
Next, we entered The Garden. I thought it was beautiful. I loved the way paradise was conveyed by this pool or lagoon with a waterfall nearby and the sounds of birds, surrounded by pleasant smells and lovely flowers and trees. You can't see in this picture, but the serpent is perched in the tree above them. A reminder of what happens next.
Chris asks: "Is this model made.... to scale?" ;)
I loved this scene of the women working side by side surrounded by all their handiwork.

 The part of the tour dealing with the building of the ark and then the flood was fascinating. I believe this section (on the left) that you can walk through is to scale. The ark was massive.
 The section with the dinosaurs was smaller than I expected, but still impressive. I've heard critics say before that the Creation Museum doesn't have sophisticated exhibits, but I was sure impressed with the amount of detail and technology.
Dinosaur riding photo op at the end.

 Ok, I don't like insects. But this part was so cool. There were a few dozen light boxes like these filled with every insect you can imagine. I included my favorites in these photos. There were also lots of beetles. Some as big as a rodent... (shudder) Our kids really liked the animatronic professor guy in this section who spoke about various insect related topics and told jokes.
I'm usually not the type to get very excited about a garden tour. This place was definitely an exception! The grounds outside were so nice, I wish it hadn't been quite so hot because I would have loved to spend more time taking them all in. The bridges were a big hit. This one was a floating bridge that bounced quite a bit as you crossed.
 We visited the petting zoo, which was also fun for the little ones.

 We really enjoyed every part of the museum and can't wait to go back. We'd still like to visit the planetarium and spend more time really reading some of the information and walking around the gardens. If we're feeling adventurous maybe we'll take a ride on the zip line. I probably won't as long as I still have an infant strapped to me :)


  1. Wow! Thanks for taking us on a tour! We were there when it first opened but haven't been back since. We're from NY so it is a bit away. :) I definitely want to go for the Ark Encounter! :)

    1. The Ark Encounter looks like it will be HUGE! When we were there last week, it looked like they had raised about half the money they wanted before beginning construction. It seems like it will almost be a theme park. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour- thanks for checking it out!

  2. To scale. Haha. I see what he did there. ;-) I can't wait to visit!

    1. My husband, the comedian. :) He says things like that all day long. It's tough to keep up!


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