Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Summer Sale on Lilla Rose this weekend!

If you love Lilla Rose, are looking for a prettier and easier way to style your hair, or just love a good deal, this is the update for you! Independent Consultant
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I would be so thankful if you considered ordering from me! The first time I tried one of the Lilla Rose flexi clips I was hooked! (pun somewhat intended)

This is size extra-small in the "tails up" style.

My hair is super baby fine, and I finally get to enjoy a beautiful and secure hair accessory that works perfectly in my hair. Believe it or not, this flexi clip holds my hair securely, all day without needing to be adjusted! If you have fine hair like mine, you understand how impressive that is! And it looks great doing it. No giant plastic claw that digs into your head when you sit down (if you ever sit down!) to nurse a baby or drive to the library or grocery store! And with all the styles possible, you can have a different look every day.

Be sure to check out the sizing page to find out what sizes will work best in your hair before you buy!

Also, you can find this information any day of the week by clicking on the Lilla Rose tab at the top of the blog. :)

*Full disclosure: I am an independent consultant for Lilla Rose and will receive a commission if you purchase using these links, in which case my family and I are extremely grateful! I would not endorse or represent these products or this company if I was not convinced of its merit. Thank you.

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