Sunday, April 14, 2013

Olive On!

To all three (on a good day) of my readers,

I am revamping the blog with a new name and design that I have been pondering for some time. Please bear with me as I attempt to learn how to do all this fancy "blog" stuff behind the scenes. If this little online space ends up with any kind of audience, I'll be sure to dust off a few more brain cells for the purpose.

To explain my new title, I will paste the following:


When we sing this in church, it always sounds like we're singing "Olive on and on, yes olive on and on" and I kind of like it. I love this hymn, and I take the meaning seriously. But I'm also one to crack jokes all the time. I hope to get a little more comfy with this blog, and I do hope you'll stick around in case I post something that proves edifying.

Also, once "Olive on" becomes the new "peace out" I'm gonna be so rich....

Olive On, friends!


  1. Olive on! I love redesigns. Sometimes they give a little extra umph to the writing. Environment is important.

    1. I tend to be a 'cart before the horse' kind of gal sometimes, so I'm trying to be content with my lack of blogging expertise and just WRITE! But I did want to change the name and get a continuous profile, etc. I will accept all constructive criticism and advice for consideration!

  2. LOL! this is too funny. I never thought of that hymn that way! I hope I don't start cracking up next time we sing it at church! All the best to you! Olive on!

    1. Thanks! Believe it or not, I was always distracted by it when we sang this hymn UNTIL I renamed my blog and that somehow got it out of my system :) Now I just sing and smile about it.


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