Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life work

Life Work

Smallish house, rooms often messy
Getting dressed will pass for "dressy"
Ponytail instead of curls
Time to wake up, boys and girls
Reading books to eager faces
Picks a crayon up and traces
Draws with chalk and then erases
Helps them with their 'uppercases'
Peanut butter slice triangles
Combing out the tearful tangles
Finding, matching tiny mittens
Peeling countless sticker kittens
Pillows, sheets are forts and houses
Silence, her suspicion rouses
Princess dump truck puzzle pieces
Milk and crumbs in all the creases
Laughing roaring DINOSAUR
Crying head lost fight with floor
Raisins, pancakes, crackers, MORE!
Naps and laundry, grocery store
Tower built but just for smashing
Toy cars speed by, always crashing
Hugs complete with ketchup kisses
Life Work of the blessed Mrs.


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  1. Wonderful and touching! Love the poem. :)

  2. Beautiful life work - and many other Ultimate Moms out there! Thank you for linking this up!


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