Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet the Mr.

I was just browsing my newly organized photo library (finally) and came across this shot. My intention was to sneak up on them and get a picture, but the Mr. opened an eye just as I got close. I said "shh, close your eyes so I can take a picture!" He obliged, obviously.

I just love seeing my babies bond with their dad. This picture reminds me of the way babies are just little heat seeking missiles. I like to imagine the safety and security and love that Sebastian must feel when he is close to us. He doesn't have to worry about warmth, shelter, nourishment, love. My heart breaks for babies who don't have that. If you're reading this, please just send up a little prayer for all the tiny precious lives in the world. Pray that God can wrap them in His warmth and love and make them feel as safe and secure and loved as they deserve to be.

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