Sunday, October 30, 2011


     Today we enjoyed the full autumn experience. At least the indoor version. It's not exactly fall until you've fallen into a pile of leaves.
      But we carved up the pumpkin that we got at the farm last weekend, put up some decorations and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" I made some bean soup and a loaf of bread and we had cookies for dessert.

      Our house is a little on the messy side, and there were no doubt projects that were ignored in favor of celebrating the season. But I want our family to have cherished traditions and memories of days like this one. I doubt my kids will ever say something like "Hey Mom, remember when you did 5 load of laundry in one day AND finished going through your closet?" Mostly because that sounds like way more than I would do in one day, but I digress...
      I can claim these little seasonal traditions are for the kids, but I think us "grown ups" benefit a lot from them too. It takes us back to our own childhoods for a moment and gives us a break from the every day routine.

      Here's to having a fun fall day! Grab a glass of cider and a plate of cookies and enjoy!